Where teens help stop cyberbullying through music!

Ava and Lily believe that cyberbullying victims and cyberbullies are all worth it. So do we!

Worth It!, Ava and Lily's song to Stop Cyberbullying

When Tweens and Teens Work Together

Tweens and teens often understand issues, especially digital issues, better than adults do. We live it everyday. That's why we can make a difference and Stop Cyberbullying together.

The Lyrics Behind the Song - Worth It!

Check out the lyrics. We wrote them for our friends, classmates, family and all of you! Sometimes we forget that all of us are special, loved, deserve a good life - we're all worth it! Even the cyberbullies. We think if they understand that they are worth it too, they may not cyberbully. The more we remember that we are all special and we are all worth it, the harder it will be to have someone hurt us. All of us have to stop hurting ourselves and others! 

Follow Us! Let's Stop Cyberbullying Together!

Here we are with our trusted leader, Dr. Parry Aftab! 

If we all stand up for each other and ourselves life online and off will be so much better. We deserve it! We can do it together! We're worth it! You can sign up to follow us and to volunteer and help us! We need you!


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Our first radio appearance for Worth It!

we'll share videos of our Worth It journey. This is our first radio appearance, for @cbc radio in Canada Sept 5, 2017

Listen to Worth It! on SoundCloud now!